French chocolatier Jeff de Bruges brings decadent treats to Quebec

April 23, 2018

French chocolatier and ice cream house Jeff de Bruges has a taste for Quebec expansion, with plans to open two delicious new locations.
Philippe Jambon created the retail concept in France in 1986 and began franchising in 1988. The company introduced ice cream to the retail mix in 1990 and dialed up growth.
Today Jeff de Bruges operates more than 500 stores across France, including corporate and franchises, and 38 international locations, including one in Canada.
The popular retail concept debuted here in 2014 at Place Montreal Trust and continues to draw followers, who love its combination of exquisite Belgian chocolates, as well as ice cream and other treats.
Think Retail is thrilled to work with Jeff de Bruges as it moves ahead with plans to open two additional locations in Quebec. Ideal spaces are 700 to 1,000 sq. ft., with a primary focus on super regional malls.
This is a wonderful tenant that draws repeat customers seeking beautiful gifts or personal indulgences. While chocolates are imported from Belgium, in Canada, the company works local ice cream brand Bilboque.
Jeff de Bruges stores are fresh and fun, with a modern turquoise and brown palette, as well as large windows so passersby are drawn in to explore and spend. The overall feel is industrial chic and items are displayed in unique ways, such as the wall-mounted chocolate tablet, for an in-store experience that is comfortable, yet upscale.
Products are beautifully packaged and gifts are personalized in store with ribbons and keepsake boxes.
Jeff de Bruges is a strong brand with international presence and is ideally positioned to expand in Canada. The company has huge market awareness in Europe and boasts turnover of more than $330 million in 2017.
For more about this fantastic brand and its growth plans for Quebec, explore the Jeff de Bruges website, or contact the Think Retail team.