Case Studies


To engineer a national leasing strategy for Fossil’s Canadian market entry, rejuvenate brand awareness and facilitate further expansion.

The Fossil brand had not evolved with the rest of the luxury retail landscape, largely due to the previous operating licensee. Essentially, with only two outdated shops in operation, top-shelf Canadian lessors carried a poor perception. And with only two stores, overall awareness was at an all time low.

  • We developed and implemented the entire Fossil Canadian market-entry campaign.
  • Extensive market tours to Canadian super-regional centres in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.
  • Secured national presentations in order to re-acquaint key landlord targets with the Fossil brand; this included Cadillac Fairview, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Oxford Properties and Triple Five.
  • Traveled with prospective landlords to tour Fossil's head office in Richardson Texas in order to meet senior level decision makers.
  • Arranged numerous face-to-face meetings with key leasing directors of target sites.
  • Managed and negotiated every aspect of Fossil’s lease negotiations.


Our entry plan was adopted, successfully allowing Fossil to enter the Canadian retail market with gusto. The plan is still being implemented by their real estate marketers to update target lists, maintain awareness, and open new stores. The mandate was met and Fossil Canada now has store locations in the nation’s top performing malls:
  • Square One (Ontario)
  • West Edmonton Mall (Alberta)         
  • Oakridge Centre (British Columbia)
  • Toronto Eaton Centre (Ontario)
  • Metroplis at Metrotown (British Columbia)
  • Southgate Centre (Alberta)
  • South Centre (Alberta)
  • Place Montreal Trust (Quebec)
  • Sherway Gardens (Ontario)
  • Yorkdale (Ontario)
  • Cross Iron Mills (Alberta)


Expand Bizou’s already established base of stores (primarily in the regions of Quebec) in to top-performing high-profile malls in Canada.

  • The Bizou store prototype lacked the bouncy look and feel that girls and teens vibrated towards.
  • Bizou sales lagged behind leading competitors: Aldo Accessories, Arden, and Claires.
  • As Bizou stores were located primarily in the outer regions of Quebec, top Canadian landlords were unfamiliar with our client and less inclined to give them new locations.

  • We recommended that Bizou re-do it's store design to access a more youthful and energized look and feel. The tenant agreed.
  • Developed Bizou’s expansion program that was quickly approved by company president Marcel Labrecque.
  • Held extensive meetings with targeted landlord groups such as Westcliff, Cadillac Fairview, and Ivanhoe Cambridge.
  • Initiated discussions with Claires—the world’s largest fashion accessories retailer—who we suspected were interested in selling all of their Quebec locations in an effort to secure the spaces for Bizou.
  • We represented Bizou in all aspects of the negotiation with Claires and successfully completed the purchase of the following locations: Montreal Eaton Centre, Carrefour Laval, Promenades St-Bruno, Galeries de la Capitale, Place Laurier, and Place Versailles.
  • A vigorous press-release campaign promoted the six acquisitions heavily.
  • Spearheaded and managed all aspects of Bizou’s next acquisition; a forty-five store seasonal winter accessories retailer, L'Hiver en Folie.
  • Managed all Bizou lease negotiations.


The acquisition of Claires and L'hiver en Folie has greatly expanded Bizou’s real estate portfolio and built up awareness with landlords. The following list of  successfully secured locations in top-performing Canadian malls not only fulfilled our mandate, it established Bizou as a major player in the accessory market.
  • Metropolis at Metrotown (British Columbia)
  • Montreal Eaton Centre (Quebec)
  • West Edmonton Mall (Alberta)         
  • Mic Mac Mall (Nova Scotia)
  • Halifax Shopping Centre (Nova Scotia)
  • Park Royal (British Columbia)
  • Avalon Mall (Newfoundland)
  • Coquitlam Centre (British Columbia)