Chocolatier Jeff de Bruges opens at Carrefour Industrielle Alliance in Montreal

June 04, 2019

French chocolatier and ice cream house Jeff de Bruges is celebrating the opening of a new kiosk at Carrefour Industrielle Alliance in Montreal as part of an ongoing expansion strategy. 
The European concept debuted in Canada in 2014 and has built a strong following among those drawn to its combination of exquisite Belgian chocolates, ice cream and other treats. 
Jeff de Bruges’ new 175-sq.-ft. kiosk at Carrefour Industrielle Alliance is well located in the 210,000-sq.-ft. historical building, the heart of Montreal’s pedestrian network. The destination space is home to a number of popular restaurants and boutiques, as well as anchors, La Maison Simons and the Banque Scotia Theatre.
Think Retail is thrilled to work with the Jeff de Bruges team on the next phase of growth. The French company is household name in Europe. Launched by Philippe Jambon as a chocolatier in 1986, it started selling ice cream in 1990 and now operates more than 500 stores across France, including corporate and franchises, and close to 40 international locations. Chocolates are imported from Belgium and ice cream is locally sourced—in Quebec, it’s Bilboquet.
In September, Jeff de Bruges will move from a temporary pop-up space to a new 650-sq.-ft. store at the Montreal Eaton Centre, which is reinventing itself with a $200 million large-scale redevelopment project. This flagship space will replace the brand’s debut location at Place Montreal Trust.
Next up, Jeff de Bruges is looking to expand in super-regional malls across the Province of Quebec and possibly open a location in Ottawa. It has two strong formats—kiosks of about 175 sq. ft. and inline stores of 500 to 850 sq. ft. 
This is a marquee brand and a valuable co-tenant that draws repeat customers seeking the perfect gift or treat. The stores have an industrial chic vibe with a modern turquoise and brown palette that’s echoed in its packaging. 
For more about this powerhouse brand and its plans for expansion in Canada, visit the Jeff de Bruges website, or contact the Think Retail team.