Change Lingerie Opens at CF Carrefour Laval and unveil major plans for 25 new stores in Canada

July 21, 2017

Change Lingerie is hot in Canada with a new store at Carrefour Laval and plans for at least 25 more locations. 
The exciting international retailer opened a 550 sq. ft. store at the prestigious CF Carrefour Laval this week (July 20). Think Retail is delighted to have worked on the deal, which sees Change taking over part of the space formerly occupied by Bentleys (the original space was demised to accommodate Change and Spanish accessories retailer Uno de 50—perfect co-tenants!). 
Known as a fashionable destination filled with trendy retailers, Carrefour Laval is a super regional centre, offering a premiere shopping experience to those living on the North Shore of Montreal and surrounding area. It’s a perfect fit for the Change Lingerie brand, which is making huge inroads in major centres across Canada and building a strong consumer fanbase for its innovative collections that appeal to a wide array of women looking for the perfect fit. 
Next up, Change Lingerie is to open a 650 sq. ft. boutique (now under construction) at CF Richmond Centre in Richmond, B.C., and another store of 750 sq. ft. is in the works for Oshawa, Ont.’s recently renovated Oshawa Centre. 
At Think Retail, we are thrilled to work with this ambitious retailer as it readies for aggressive expansion into 2018 and 2019, with plans for at least 25 more stores. Ideal spaces are 500 to 850 sq. ft. and markets of interest include, the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal.
Change Lingerie is positioned to redefine Canada’s lingerie sector and they are just getting started. As a bit of background, the concept launched in Denmark 1997, first as a private label brand before opening its first stand-alone retail store in Denmark in 2001. Change of Scandinavia quickly gained a huge following because of its vast selection of more than 110 different sizes from A-M cup in a variety of styles. 
Today, the retailer attracts a wide consumer base because of its high-quality garments and a straightforward mission: “To provide the perfect bra to as many women around the world as possible.”
Now operating as Change Lingerie, the hugely popular retailer has more than 240 franchise and corporate stores in 15 countries across three continents (in Europe, Asia and North America), as well as an international online store.

Change debuted in Canada in 2006 and has 16 locations—five stores in British Columbia, one in Saskatchewan, five in Ontario and five in Quebec. 
Change is a wonderful cotenant, with modern and beautifully designed stores that feature a crisp black and white palate. About 75% of revenue is derived from the sale of underwear and bras, however the company also offers a growing selection of loungewear, swimwear, nightwear, stockings and a men’s underwear collection. 
This summer marks two years since Think Retail partnered with Change to facilitate its growth in Canada. We look forward to working with this strong international brand as it builds its footprint and garners fans across the country. For more about Change and its ambitious plans, visit its website or contact the Think Retail Team.