Fall fashion update: Children’s clothier Panco is coming to Canada

August 18, 2023

Fall fashion update: Children’s clothier Panco is coming to Canada

Good news for style-savvy kids (and their parents), as Panco, the popular international children’s clothing chain, is coming to Canada.

Established in 1978 as a wholesaler in Turkey, Panco Children’s Clothing opened its first retail location in Istanbul in 1984. Since then, it has expanded to 37 countries in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. 
Today, the company operates more than 200 stores (142 where its headquarters reside in Turkey and 77 around the globe) and is ready to make its North American debut. 

Entrepreneur and Canadian partner Mehmet Varol is bringing the concept here, with plans to open Panco’s first Canadian store in Vancouver. 

The city a great fit for the brand, which radiates a fun, fashion-forward vibe that is both stylish and accessible. Its collections target newborns up to age 14, with designs and patterns that go beyond the usual children’s fare. From tanks and t-shirts to shorts, cold weather gear, sleepwear and a wide-range of accessories, Panco will appeal to parents and kids looking for a fresh approach to fashion for school or play. 

Think Retail is thrilled to work with Mehmet Varol as he brings this exciting and well-established children’s clothing brand to Canada. The initial focus is on finding a debut space in Vancouver that’s 1,500 to 2,000 sq. ft., preferably in a super regional mall. 

Panco will hit the ground running: This is a strong brand with a proven track record and deep experience with new market entries. 

Plus, the company has a stellar marketing and communications strategy, with a wide social media presence and marquee online shopping experience (both via its own website and marketplace platforms). 

But, most importantly, Panco’s products are high-quality and well made, to meet the high standards of families, who want to their children to look good and feel good in well-designed comfortable clothing. In other markets, Panco is dressing second and even third generations, whose families grew up with the 35-year-old brand and are now buying it for their children.  
For more about Panco and its exciting plans for Vancouver and beyond, contact the Think Retail team.