Their Success is Our Success: New Think Retail Case Studies

May 03, 2012

Here at Think Retail we love success stories. It means we’ve done a good job of helping our clients find the best locations for their businesses. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but in the end if the client’s happy, I’m happy.

In this regard, I am pleased to share with you two new case studies that detail the work done for both Pinkberry and Hot Fudge.

In the case of Pinkberry, our task was to bring the frozen yogurt giant into Canada and to secure their primary real estate targets. Although the brand is megapopular in the States it wasn't as well known here in the North. We had to work hard to educate prospective landlords and to find a way for Pinkberry to stand out from it's fro-yo and ice cream competitors. I even went to a franchisor conference in Los Angeles to learn as much about the industry as possible. We then met with top landlords and leasing senior leasing executives from Cadilac Fairview, Ivanhoe Cambridge, and Oxford Properties, and within twelve months of beginning the mandate, we had secured locations in their top three targets in British Columbia. Further, just last week Pinkberry confirmed that they will be opening in West Edmonton Mall, their top target in Alberta and the province's biggest mall. Success!

Hot Fudge was a different matter. Ee had to find retail locations for a new business, without a company track record and without any established retail stores. Further, most landlords in top malls are conservative and are more frequently inclined to transact with established and successful retailers and not young start-ups. We developed a real estate action plan and then secured meetings with top-level executives and national senior leasing directors at Ivanhoe Cambridge, Redcliff Realties, and Cadilac Fairview. We leveraged our contacts and within 2 months of commencing the mandate, we secured Hot Fudge's top target - Place Laurier. Once stores started opening, we sent out photos and gift certificates of the new locations to targeted landlords, and promoted their openings in trade publications throughout the country. Within two years of starting our project, Hot Fudge will have opened in eight locations in all of Quebec's top super regional malls. Again, success!

To read even more about what we did and how we did it check out the Case Studies page. Who knows, maybe your company will be up there next!