Pinkberry Announce Plans to Expand to Calgary

January 21, 2013

Late last week, Swirling Dreams Inc, area franchisor for Pinkberry in the province of Alberta, announced plans to bring Pinkberry to Calgary. The company expects to open a minimum of 6-8 stores in the city in the next 2-3 years. Pinkberry is prepared to consider opportunities in large open air centres, downtown high streets and super regional shopping centres. Size required is 500-1500 sq.ft.

Pinkberry opened its first location in Alberta In July 2012, at Canada's largest shopping centre, West Edmonton Mall. The store has been a phenomenal success and the company is looking to add several units in the Edmonton market.

In addition to their plans to open locations in both Calgary and Edmonton, Pinkberry is aggressively looking to expand throughout the province of British Columbia. Markets of interest include downtown Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Victoria...etc

In other Pinkberry news, the company recently (November 2012) opened in Cadillac Fairview's new Dining Terrace at Richmond Centre in Richmond, BC. I am pleased to report that sales are off the charts and have greatly exceeded expectations.

Pinkberry's next Canadian location is scheduled to open in late spring, at High Street in Abbotsford, BC. This should be a tremendous project; 600,000 sq.ft, anchored by Walmart, Cineplex, London Drugs, H&M, Urban Barn, Old Navy, Mexx, Starbucks, David's Tea..etc

In 2004, Pinkberry revolutionized the frozen yogurt category when they introduced their premium smooth tart tasting frozen yogurt. Just 3 years later, Maveron LLC (whose CEO is Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks) invested over $27.5 million in the company. Pinkberry has developed a rabid following amongst their core customers. Pinkberry also boasts a long list of celebrity ambassadors which include: David Beckham, Taylor Swift, Larry David, Justin Bieber, Drew Bress, Ryan Seacrest...etc. Today, there are over 200 Pinkberry stores in 15+ countries.
For more information on Pinkberry, please visit their website at

Finally, don't forget to try Pinkberry's new parfaits and fruit bowls. They're fresh and delicious.