Naturiste Re-Branded

November 25, 2013

Everything at Naturiste is new.

New name. Check. New logo. New website. Check and check again. New packaging and labels, new products, new store design, as well as, a new corporate culture and philosophy. Check.

When Stephen Rosenhek and Melanie Kau purchased Naturiste in November 2012, they were faced with many challenges and obstacles. The company they had acquired, while credible and well established (with unparalleled experience), had been neglected and had lost focus and direction. Now one year later, Naturiste has successfully developed and implemented a series of exciting new initiatives that have re-energized the brand.

The process began with a thorough evaluation of Naturiste’s mission, motivations, customer habits, and market trends. The results of the analysis facilitated a significant shift in both brand identity and core values, and subsequently, the company’s target market. Naturiste will now cater to a more youthful clientele - in their early 40’s. This new consumer is active and energized, mindful and communicative. 
Here’s an overview of some of the major changes.

Tradename & Logo - Naturiste is a company focused on natural products and natural solutions. In this regard the ‘r’ in Naturiste has been designed to look like a tree to help communicate a very strong tie to nature and health and wellness. A fresh new look. And yes, the ‘Le’ is no more. 

Website - Launched earlier this month, the new site is visually pleasing, more personalized, highly educational, with many unique features. Test your Health, Ask a Naturopath (for those of looking to know more about what ails them), a section dealing with  natural products for children. Healthy recipes; they got that too.

Packaging and labelling - I reached out to Nauriste co-owner, Stephen Rosenhek, to solicit his insight on the changes. Stephen noted that ‘consumers have indicated that they are confused about what exactly Natural Health Products (NHPs) do.  In order to help the consumer we have a multi-pronged approach.  Firstly, our products are arranged by product universe that address specific issues or themes.  i.e. Heart, Joint Care etc.  All of our products in a given product grouping will carry the same colour label to give the consumer a visual clue.  Such as all cardio products carry a red colour label.  Since some products can be useful in more than one category we developed a “pastille” (little colour coded icon indicating the product category) system so a label may have more than one pastille. All labels clearly say the name of the product and its principal benefits.  All products also show their Health Canada license number as well as the specific license information (product claim) that health canada has approved.  All of this is designed to give the consumer more information and clarity and assistance.’ The new approach is informative, smart, and simple to navigate.

Product development - The company is investing important capital in R&D. In September, Naturiste launched its own private, sport nutrition brand - PE 2.0. Also, the company is poised to introduce a natural sun cream line, as well, a new natural body care line. 

Store Design - Naturiste hired award winning retail designers GHA, to create an interactive, engaging customer experience that embodies company’s new vision and direction. The new design prototype feels natural and warm and incorporates a plethora of visual touch points. The renderings (see attached) are absolutely fantastic. This not your mother’s Naturiste.   

Naturiste has also become actively philanthropic and is now committed to giving back to the community. Recently, the company was the main sponsor of the Eye Disease Foundation and helped raise over $75,000.  Further, Naturiste has become the lead sponsor of the UQAM Citadins (representing amateur athletes at UQAM). Also, earlier this year, as part of a special promotion on women’s issues, Naturiste provided 10% of its sales revenue to numerous women’s shelters in Canada.

Stephen and Melanie have done an outstanding job re-positioning Naturiste. 

Brand revitalized - CHECK!

Naturiste plans to open 5 new locations in 2014. Markets of interest include Montreal, Gatineau and Ottawa. Naturiste prefers to locate in super regional centres. High pedestrian street front locations will also be considered. Size required 1000-1250 sq.ft.

Naturiste was founded in 1968 and was one of the first companies to promote a holistic approach to health and wellness. Today, Naturiste operates approximately 68 locations in Quebec and New Brunswick. Stores specialize in the sale of (i) vitamins; (ii) sport & health supplements (iii) health and beauty products; (iv) herbal & medicinal teas; (v) protein shakes. Stores also offer on-site seminars on such topics as health, medicine, sport, and nutrition.    

For all of the latest info regarding Naturiste, please visit their new website at