Murat Paris Launches In Canada

September 22, 2014

In mid-July, Murat Paris opened their first Canadian location at Place de la Cite in Quebec City. The premises is 600 square feet and is strategically situated at the mall’s main entrance. The boutique is modern, fresh, and highly appealing (see photo).

Murat Paris was founded in 1847, by Charles Murat. In 1998, the company was acquired by Marcel Robbez Masson Group. Murat Paris manufactures and specializes in the sale of jewellery, watches, and fashion accessories. Their designs are innovative and unique. Today the company operates approximately 50 stores in France, Belgium, Spain, China….etc. 

The new store at Place de la Cite is owned and operated by Bizou International Inc, who earlier this year, acquired all distribution rights for Murat Paris in the Canadian market, as well as, the exclusive Canadian license to open Murat Paris retail stores. 

Think Retail is the exclusive Canadian real estate broker for both Murat Paris and Bizou.

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