Lovin' Lole

July 05, 2011

We are pleased to announce that ladies active apparel specialist Lole, have opened their 2nd store in Montreal (see photo). The newest Atelier Lole opened, in mid-June at 4868 Sherbrooke Street West, in the upscale Montreal neighbourhood of Westmount The store is 1500 sq.ft.

From the live green wall (evoking the a city park), to the social living (ipad) wall, to the Lole pantry, the new store is truly a brand statement. The store is all about the active woman, her love of the outdoors, her continuing desire to be inspired, and her pursuit of well being. Lole offers their clients free exercise meet-ups at parks, twice a week, led by their ambassadors, who are renowned experts at Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and urban fitness. Through their Lole and Friends program, Lole offers a sense of community to woman worldwide that Live Out Loud Everyday, who wish to connect and exchange ideas about exercise, health, travel...etc. Lole designs clothes to match these passions. Furthermore, at Lole, tea and fruits are served daily at 3 pm. 

I'd like to thank Michael Doroshenko from Cromwell management (Lole's landlord on Sherbrooke St) for his help, efforts, and patience during our negotiation of this transaction.

Later this summer, Lole will enter Ontario, with 2 openings. First the company will open in Oakville, on Lakeshore Rd. Approximately 30 days thereafter, Lole will open at Bayview Village, in Toronto.

Going forward, Lole plan to open 6 store locations in 2012. Markets of interest include: Alberta, BC, and Ontario. Size required is 1500 sq.ft (with minimum 20 ft frontage). Both high pedestrian street-front locations and super-reginal malls will be considered.

For more information on Lole, please visit their website at