Lole - Living Loud in Toronto

September 08, 2011

In late August, ladies outdoor apparel specialist Lole, opened their 1st store in Toronto. The premises is strategically located in the heart of the affluent Oakville shopping district, on Lakeshore Road East, between George and Thomas. The 2000 sq.ft store is uniquely designed.

Immediately striking when you arrive at Lole, is their storefront; a green living wall (see photo) evoking a city park - Lole's playground. The wall represents the urban nature and Lole's commitment to respect and connect to it.

The Social Living Wall (iPad wall) is another great innovation. Using the LolePop App, which is available for free on ITunes, Lole's Friends and customers load their workout\exercise, travel, and fashion....etc photos.  These pictures are then displayed on the 8-10 iPads in Lole's stores.

Lole has also developed an exclusive and revolutionary Point of Sale system that allows every transaction to be completed via iPods. This technology brings Lole's retail customer experience to a higher level and decreases the transaction time.

At Lole, the company is committed to getting woman moving every day which is why they created the Lole Meet-Ups Program. Women who join this inspirational movement can participate in free exercise meet-ups at parks, twice a week, led by their ambassadors, who are renowned experts at Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and urban fitness. The program promotes fitness and good health, as well as community involvement and the enjoyment of urban green spaces.

Tea and fruits are served daily in all Lole location - Don't be late.

Further to the above, we are also pleased to announce that Lole will be opening at Bayview Village in Toronto, on September 22.

In 2012, Lole is planning to open six (6) stores. Markets of interest include: Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. Vancouver and Halifax may also be possibilities. Both super regional malls and high pedestrian street-front locations will be considered. Size required is 1250-1750 sq.ft.

A little about Lole - Lole's parent company Coalision Inc, is owned by Kilmer Capital, whose CEO is Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment. Coalision Inc own 3 brands: Lole, Orage, and Paradox. Combined sales are in excess of $100M. Lole's CEO Bernard Mariette, former CEO of Quiksliver Inc (1995-2007) has the company primed for international expansion in the US and Europe (at the moment there is one Lole store operating in Zurich).

For more information on Lole, please visit their website at