Le Creuset Turns Up Heat in Ottawa and Edmonton

September 15, 2015

 It’s an exciting time for the iconic Le Creuset brand in Canada, as the company announces two new market entry deals that will see it debuting its signature colourful cookware stores in Ottawa and Edmonton.
In October, Le Creuset will open an 1,100 sq. ft. store at Southgate Centre, south Edmonton’s largest shopping centre.  The mall, which opened in 1970 and has since undergone three major renovations and expansions, is a premier shopping destination with more than 165 stores and services that bring what owners Ivanhoe Cambridge describe as: “an unmatched level of refinement to the retail experience in the city.” The centre is the perfect fit for Le Creuset’s debut in Edmonton.
Next week, Le Creuset will open its first Ottawa location—and its third in Ontario—at 517 Sussex Drive. The sophisticated brand will be right at home in its new 1,130 sq. ft. space, strategically situated in the heart of this bustling high-end shopping strip in the city’s downtown core.
In addition, Le Creuset is gearing up for its previously announced debut in British Columbia. A 2,200 sq. ft. store to open on South Granville Street in Vancouver the first week of November.
The Vancouver and Ottawa stores are particularly exciting because they mark Le Creuset’s first high street locations in Canada.
Le Creuset will have eight stores in Canada by the end of 2015—the brand is hot, hot, hot. Last month, Le Creuset opened a 1,050 sq. ft. store opened at Bayview Village in Toronto and a 800 sq. ft. relocated store at Place Ste. Foy in Quebec City.
Le Creuset continues to expand and an area of particular interest is downtown Montreal, where it would like to open a flagship high street store in the next year—ideal spaces are 750 to 1,250 sq. ft. The company is also looking to make its mark in the Halifax market, where it will consider super regional malls, as well as major street locations.
The brand—founded in Northern France in 1925—is very popular among Canadian consumers, who appreciate its signature combination of quality, functionality and colorful aesthetics. In Canada, Le Creuset is the No. 1 bridal registry brand and it’s consistently the No. 1 or No. 2 cookware supplier to all the company’s trading partners.While its products are distributed in more than 30 countries via its partnerships with specialty retailers and high-end department stores, Le Creuset also has more than 250 of its own brand name stores in 25 countries—these stores carry a bolstered selection of its diverse products that aren’t available elsewhere.
At Think Retail, we are thrilled to work with this marquee brand to expand its presence in top-tier locations across the country.
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