Hot Fudge Alert

March 02, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Hot Fudge will open it's 2nd store, in August, at Les Riveres shopping centre in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

The new store is 1326 sq.ft, and will be strategically located at the mall's 50 yard line, facing Garage, Ernest, and Melanie Lyne. The store is situated on a corner and has two side frontage and over 45 foot of total storefront.

Hot Fudge has been all the rage in Quebec City since opening last year at Place Laurier. Their unique store design and visual presentation, phenomenal assortment of fashion accessories, and have strongly resonated with their core demographic.

A little history.

Hot Fudge was founded by Joey Labrecque. Joey and I met some 10 years ago, when he began to work for his family, who own and operate another successful fashion accessories chain by the name of Bizou. I had already been employed by Bizou for approximately 5 years, working with Joey's father Marcel (who himself is an exceptionally talented individual) in regard to developing, updating, and implementing Bizou's real estate strategies. Joey had a tremendous work ethic and quickly learned both the operations and real estate side of the business. Joey learned from a master in Marcel for 10 years, and then courageously made the decision to further his explore his own dream - Hot Fudge

Joey's success with Hot Fudge is well deserved. He works tirelessly to ensure his store is operating optimally and he is omni-focused on the newest trends. On a personal level, Joey is an exceptionally kind and humble person, who values his both his work-team and family. It's easy to see why there is much interest from the financial world to participate and support Hot Fudge's expansion program.

Les Rivieres is an excellent mall for Hot Fudge 2. The mall has 140 stores and is the dominant fashion mall between Montreal and Quebec City.

I'd like to thank Eric Fortier of Ivanhoe Cambridge for all of his efforts in completing this transaction.

Should the right opportunity present itself, Hot Fudge is prepared to open one more location in 2011. Super-regional shopping centres in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa are of interest. Size required 1300-1600 sq.ft

Keep up the good work Joey!