Expansion on the menu at Marcello’s Market & Deli

August 20, 2015

Think Retail is pleased to partner with Marcello’s Market & Deli to help facilitate the company’s expansion in Eastern Canada. 
Founded in Ottawa in 1997, Marcello’s is a well-established and brand with more than 25 locations in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. We are looking forward to working with company president, Fadi Kachi, as he and his team build the brand in new markets: It’s an exciting time for growth. 
Marcello’s prides itself in being an affordable marketplace for busy professionals, offering on-the-go nourishment, value, variety and service. Its locations have a European feel and offer great food in a warm, modern atmosphere. 
Stores feature fresh produce, deli items, grocery items and freshly prepared take-out food, as well as a hot and cold buffet with more than 20 dishes cooked daily. There’s something for every taste, from veal parmesan to beef bourguignon, tacos, chicken curry salad, seafood chowder, pastas and a wide range of vegetarian options. Its tagline definitely delivers: “Discover a World of Taste at Marcello’s.”
Marcello’s is an ideal tenant because it appeals to a varied audience, from those popping in for a quick coffee and biscotti in the morning, to individuals looking for a freshly made nutritious meal, or a catered lunch for the office.
As Marcello’s ramps up its plans for Canada-wide expansion, our immediate focus is on securing sites in downtown Toronto and Montreal.     
Targetted areas include the financial core and optimal spaces are in office buildings, mixed-use towers and shopping centres with an office tower component. Street-front access is preferable, but Marcello’s will consider going inline for the right opportunity.  Size is somewhat flexible, ranging from 1,500 sq. ft. to as much as 4,000 sq. ft., depending on the location. 
For more about this fresh brand and its plans for expansion, please visit or contact the Think Retail Team.