Canada sounds good to Skullcandy

May 27, 2015

Skullcandy is ready to take a bite out of the Canadian market, as it seeks to open its dynamic retail store concept in key outlet malls across the country. 

The company—known the world over for its unique array of headphones, earbuds, wireless speakers and other consumer electronic accessories—was founded in 2003 as the original lifestyle and performance audio brand inspired by the creativity of youth culture. 

Founder Rick Alden is the creator of several successful action sports companies and a lifelong industry enthusiast. His distinct collections, which range from $19.99 to $149.99, are sold online and in retail stores in more than 80 countries.  Now the publically traded company, based out of Park City, Utah, is partnering with Massachusetts-based Brattle Retail Partners to introduce the direct-to-consumer Skullcandy Factory Store concept. Together, the partners have a combined 40-plus years of retail and franchising experience.

The outlet stores are already taking off in the U.S., where last fall they opened two—one in Las Vegas and another in San Diego—and are pursuing plans to open 20-plus locations in the next four years.

The Skullcandy Factory Store vision is to showcase one of the world’s most distinct audio brands in unique retail atmosphere where consumers can sample and interact with products in a space that reflects the integrity and passion of the Skullcandy brand.

The retail design encourages customers to peruse its listening stations to sample all products using personal mobile devices or the interactive Skullcandy app on in-store iPads. The brand is further brought to life on big screens playing custom Skullcandy videos featuring endorsements from top athletes—the company is involved in the sponsorship of everything from skateboarding to wakeboarding, motocross, snowboarding, skiing and biking. As well, Skullcandy has an NBA-inspired collection and relationships with various basketball teams (they also have serious credibility in the music world, having partnered with Jay-Z to design its popular Roc Nation Aviator headphones). In addition, stores feature an in-house video gaming section where customers are encouraged to hang out and test Skullcandy’s wireless gaming headphones.

At Think Retail, we’re thrilled to partner with Skullcandy as its exclusive real estate representative in Canada. This is an exciting dynamic company with an admirable corporate culture that delivers impressive results—net sales in 2014 hit $247.8 million, up 18% from 2013. Their new outlet retail concept has amazing potential and is sure to be a huge hit here in Canada, as it is in the U.S.

Skullcandy is prepared to open immediately in select outlets, seeking 600 to 1,000 sq. ft. (smaller is better). The initial focus is on British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. The plan is to finalize three or four stores in the next 12 to 15 months and open up to a dozen outlets in the next three to four years. 

Ideally, Skullcandy stores will fit alongside co-tenants that share a passion for the youth culture, active lifestyle, and setting trends, such as surf, skate and snowboard brands, as well as sunglass and active apparel for men. 

For more about this exciting brand and its retail vision, visit or contact the Think Retail Team.