Caesars Tea - Now Open!

March 09, 2012

We are excited to announce that on March 9, 2012, Caesars Tea opened their first location in downtown Montreal, underground from Simons in Carrefour Alliance Industrielle, just adjacent the food court.

From traditional teas to unique and exclusive blends, Caesars Tea offers an incredible selection of over 150 premium loose-leaf teas, along with tea accessories and more. Free samples of delicious and innovative blends are always available and the teas we have sampled so far have been outstanding. Be sure to stop by for a soothing visit when in downtown Montreal.

I'd like to thank Philippe Leduc from the Ahern Group, for bringing forth this opportunity and for his assistance in negotiating this transaction. Philippe is a great deal maker and a pleasure to work with.

For 2012, Caesar’s Tea is seeking to open an additional 2-4 new locations in regional and super regional malls in the province of Quebec. Size required in 300-600 sq.ft.

For additional information and leasing opportunities, please contact Michael Stroll at (514)731-7936.