BIZOU - Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

May 04, 2010

Over the last couple of years, fashion accessories and costume jewelry specialist, Bizou International Inc., has radically altered their business operations and the results have been fantastic.

Bizou has implemented a new aggressive inventory management system; hiring policies for store personnel have been revamped; store design has been significantly upgraded; in-store merchandising has been overhauled resulting in a dramatic improvement of their overall product display;  marketing initiatives are now focused and effectively target their core customer;  All this to say, Bizou has developed a new corporate culture which is now top line focused.

It's clear that these changes have not gone un-noticed by Bizou's customers. In a tough economy Bizou's sales have now risen in three consecutive years; 5% in 2007, 15% in 2008, and 5% in 2009.

Furthermore, greater profits have given Bizou the necessary flexibility to spend the monies required to put their best foot forward in the marketplace. In this regard, Bizou has completed store renovations in the following shopping centres: Champlain Place, Promenades St. Bruno, Place Sainte-Foy, Carrefour du Nord, and Galeries Rive-Nord. Later this year, Bizou's flagship store at Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, will be fully renovated, as well. Finally, in fall, Bizou will convert its kiosk to an in-line location in the expansion area of Galeries Saint Hyacinthe. Looking forward, the company is hoping to double its budget for store renovations in 2011.

Bizou is also primed for expansion and is currently seeking to open two stores later this year, in Ontario. The company will target regional and super regional centres in markets over 100,000 people. Optimal store size is 600-850 square feet.

As noted, Bizou has introduced a new store prototype. This new design is appealing, elegant and inviting. To see photos of the new concept, please click on the this link.

Bizou currently operates 131 stores in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

For more information on Bizou, please visit their website at