Bizou Continues Global Push

January 26, 2015

Canadian fashion accessories specialist Bizou offers a refreshing good-news story in Canada’s retail landscape, as the company compels consumers with its unique designs, propelling major expansion, both domestically and internationally.

Founded in 1984 by retail vetran Marcel Labrecque, today Bizou operates more than 120 stores in six provinces across Canada, as well as France and Saudi Arabia.

Now, the company is looking forward to considerable expansion, with plans to open at least four more Canadian stores—500 to 850 sq. ft. in 2015. The primary focus will be on further building the brand in Ontario, however Bizou is also prepared to open additional locations in Quebec and the Maritime region, where it already has a strong presence. 

Last year, Bizou branched out with major openings in marquee Canadian locations, including Montreal Premium Outlets, Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport; and Place d’Orleans.

The Montreal-based company has also made its mark internationally. In 2013 it opened at La Toison For in Dijon, as part of license agreement with KBS Retail. In September 2014 Bizou opened at Panorama Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and just last week, opened it second and third locations in the Kingdom.

Bizou’s move into Saudi Arabia is part of license agreement with Qaiymah Products Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rubaiyat Co. This company was founded by the well-known Binzagr family in 1980 and is a key player in the Saudi market—they are the exclusive Saudi wholesaler and operator for premium luxury brands, including A\X Armani, Gucci, Prada, Ermenegildo Zegna and more. Bizou will work with Qaiymah to open more than 20 stores in Saudi Arabia during the next few years.

Think Retail is proud to have partnered with Bizou for 17 years and witnessed first hand its extraordinary growth and transformation. 

Bizou’s sales have increased for five straight years. The company also boasts a fresh, modern store design and its products are both highly desirable and affordable.

Bizou specializes in ladies retail fashion jewelry and accessories, but what sets it apart is that the majority of its stainless steel and sterling silver jewellery products are the work of celebrated in-house designers, who remain ahead of the curve by travelling the world for inspiration on trends and designs. 

It all started with one boutique 30 years ago and now Bizou is evolving into an international phenom, spurred by its unique combination of creative and business savvy.