Bizou Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

October 25, 2012

In a fantastic evening event that won’t soon be forgotten, Quebec City based, fashion accessories specialist, Bizou, celebrated their 30th anniversary party. At a beautiful venue overlooking the St. Lawrence River, over 300 employees, industry colleagues, friends and family were in attendance to celebrate Bizou’s long-term achievements with an enjoyable dinner and dancing reception.

Bizou’s business (and the industry) has come a very long way since the opening of their first store 30 years ago in Les Galeries Chagnon, in Levis, Quebec. Everything from product, marketing, inventory management, store design, merchandising, warehousing and distribution has been carefully monitored and continually improved. Today, Bizou has blossomed into a dynamic retail powerhouse with over 500 employees and a network of over 120 stores, spanning 6 provinces.

In an industry where retailers can rise to fame, only to then fall to irrelevance almost overnight, maintaining your standing as a successful retail chain over the long-term is truly a remarkable accomplishment.

On a personal note, Bizou has been our business partner for 15 years. We greatly value this relationship and are so pleased to offer them our heartfelt congratulations on this wonderful achievement.

Looking ahead to 2013, Bizou is focussed on continuing their expansion into the province of Ontario, with plans to open 4-8 new locations. Size required is 600-1000 sq. ft. in regional and super-regional malls as well as high pedestrian street-front locations.

For more about Bizou, please visit the company’s website at For additional information and leasing opportunities, please contact Michael Stroll at (514) 731-7936.